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Progressions reflect the changing shape of our inner world, and perhaps none more powerfully than the movements of the progressed Moon. We encounter each successive dimension of life as it moves through the houses, experiencing and absorbing through soul and body, and weaving it into memory. Along the way, the progressed Moon touches each natal chart factor in turn, bringing a soulful awareness to each part of our personality. The progressed Moon is where we feed at any given time, or where we seek a sense of belonging or connection, where what is unfamiliar becomes familiar and ingrained.

Medieval astrology

This seminar will explore the meaning of the progressed Moon — through its aspects to other chart factors, its progress through the houses, and its cycles in relation to itself and to the Sun. The sign on a house cusp reveals the area of life in which the principle of that sign is likely to be manifested and learned. The planetary ruler of the sign also brings the energy from the house it rules to the house in which it is placed and vice versa. So, the houses in the birth chart are linked together in different ways. The ruler of a house indicates how we may express ourselves in the area of life associated with the house.

It also suggests how the matters of that house are likely to be manifested and so relates to experiences. This idea can be confusing to students initially but once it is understood, house rulership exploration brings added depth and life to interpretations. In this seminar we will look at the mechanics of the technique and, through case study examples, discover the insights that can be gained from their use. An astro-cartography ACG map shows where in the world each of our planets would have occupied one of the four angles, had we been born in that place. We all have places we long to visit and some we are fearful of; others draw us in, as if catching us in the web of fate — our psychology is linked inextricably to the effects of place: to the people, culture and patterns of life we find in different parts of the world.

The lines on an ACG map speak of a potential in the natal chart which opens to us when we engage with the energy of another location. This seminar explores the technique of astro-cartography and the related technique of chart relocation. When a transit occurs it does not only produce some activity in relation to one particular planet or area in the chart. Unless the natal planet transited is unaspected, it is related to other parts of the chart through the aspects it makes to other planets. The latter will be indirectly activated by the transit, and this is particularly strong when aspect patterns are concerned, making the transits to aspect patterns turn into something special and of a longer effect.

At the Faculty we define Unaspected Planets as those that make no aspects to other planets or, have only one minor aspect. Unaspected planets, unmodified by connection to other planets are not integrated into the chart.

The Psychology of Why People Believe in Astrology

The individual with an unaspected planet is often unaware of how they express this planet although, paradoxically, it may be an area of compulsion, fascination and yearning for them. The placement can be indicative of innate talent and when the individual recognises this energy and understands how to use it, their potential can be developed and realised. We will also consider how we can support our clients in their understanding and appreciation of their natural ability in this area.

We need a variety of skills to interpret a chart. We must learn to read each symbol and placement, and then appreciate how these components might interweave into potential themes. In doing so, we gain an idea of what moves and motivates this particular individual. Then we need to develop the skill of conveying this in a way which appreciates the flesh-and-blood person behind the archetypal pattern.

We need to develop breadth, depth, and sensitivity. In this seminar, we will explore one chart, working first to find the key chart factors and potential themes. We will then take a few of the most important features of the chart and explore these more fully, developing a richer understanding and expression for our work. In the process, we will consider very closely matters of style and sensitivity. We may have many wonderful ideas about a chart, and many of them may even turn out to be true!

Yet not all of our ideas will be suitable to convey to the person and we must learn to tread with care and discernment. We all know that the time of birth is a vital piece of information when constructing a birth chart. Together with date and place, the moment of birth grounds us in the physical world of planet, society and family and the realm of our personal experience.

But what if this moment is not known?

Studies & Evidence | astrologer

Even if a birth time is provided, its accuracy often cannot be guaranteed and can be problematic. This online seminar will provide a clear methodology for rectifying a chart that provides an effective birth time for astrological purposes and introduce the philosophical background to this intriguing technique.

It is recommended that attendees are familiar with natal chart work and forecasting methods in some depth in order to benefit fully from the online seminar. Solar arcs employ the movement of the progressed Sun, applying this to every planet, angle and factor in the chart.

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With everything moving at the same pace, preserving the original pattern of the birth chart, the result is like the slow movement of a clock or dial, a stately dance in perfect synchrony with the progress of the shining Sun. We will explore this technique and how to use it alongside other forecasting tools. A chart drawn up for the start of a consultation can indicate the prevailing astrological weather and its symbolism can interweave with the dialogue between astrologer and client, shedding light on topics likely to arise and the overall experience of the consultation in question.

It can contrast issues that may be a preoccupation on the day with the questions asked by the client in advance and provide valuable insights, especially when compared with the natal charts of the astrologer and client, indicating their individual and shared experience of the consulting room. The popularity of online consultations raises interesting questions about the technicalities of consultation charts, especially when participants are in different time zones and continents.

The online seminar will consider these and their implications for virtual interactions, in addition to the supportive role that consultation charts can play in such situations.

Where Do Zodiac Signs Come From? Here's the True History Behind Your Horoscope

This online seminar is suitable for attendees wishing to begin seeing clients or seeking to expand their practice. Solar and lunar eclipses can evoke a powerful sense of awe, as the new or full moon aligns with the mysterious nodal axis and celestial light meets shadow. Viewed as gateways into the hidden territory of the inner world with its potency for deep seeding, catalytic change and transformative action we can find ourselves experiencing powerful shifts at these times.

In this seminar we will explore the mythology, symbolism and meaning of these powerful celestial events which resonate deeply within the imagination and we will look at their patterns, consider technicalities for use and explore their interpretation in natal forecasting. Contact Us Student Login Enrol. Gauquelin's findings placed astrology firmly on the doorstep of science.

His findings revealed that the position of the stars had some indication as to what line of work a person may enter in life. The psychologist Hans Eysenck once said, "How ever much it may go against the grain, I think we must admit that there is something here that requires explanation. Gauquelin found that people of certain professions tend to have the same planets in these critical segments with a greater frequency than statistical average.

Not only that, but he also found an effect which he titled the " theory of eminence " which holds that not only do people established in their chosen fields have a greater than statistical chance average of having those planets in these important fields. The more eminent a person is in their field, the greater the likelihood that those planets will be found in those critical segments. For example, doctors were found to have the planet of Saturn in these critical segments.

If you take an average, general practice physician, the chances of he or she having Saturn in that critical position is much less than the chart of a highly prominent physician, one who is frequently published and renowned in their field. In other words, the more prominent you are in your field, the greater the chances you will have the corresponding planet in the critical field of the wheel.

Although scientists find Gauquilin's findings very disquieting, increasingly sophisticated analysis seems to confirm, rather than disconfirm, certain of the original results. For example, in a study, the German researcher, Suitbert Ertel , reported: "A reanalysis of Gauquelin professional data using alternative procedures of statistical treatment supports previous Gauquelin results. Frequency deviations from chance expectancy along the scale of planetary sectors differ markedly between professions.

Psychiatrist Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson, M. He discovered that the average person's birth chart contains about three marker aspects of depression.

Astrology isn’t science, but your horoscope is more real than you think

The birth chart of someone with major depression contains an average of ten such markers. Even with no previous astrological experience, a person can spot the indicators for mental illness through the declinations and multiple planet aspects that form the basis of this pioneering work. All of the patients were diagnosed according to the DSM-IV, the gold standard of psychiatric diagnostic criteria.

The diagnostic groups represented include major depression, anxiety, addictive disorder, schizophrenia, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Fetuses might be affected by the movement of the sun, moon, and planets as they interfere with the Earth's magnetic field which may have an influence on the fetuses occupation later in life. In his latest book, The Scientific Proof of Astrology , Percy Seymour , the former Plymouth University, England, astronomy lecturer, and member of the Royal Astronomical Society, argues that the movement of the sun, moon and various planets undoubtedly hold an influence over us.

The argument Seymour puts forward is that the movement of the Sun, moon and sundry planets from Jupiter to Mars, interfere with the Earth's magnetic field. In doing so, the unborn offspring of expectant mothers around the world are exposed to different magnetic fields that toy with the development of their budding brains.

A study of the English football league suggested players were nearly twice as likely to be born between September and November than in the summer months. Fast bowlers, according to another study, were more likely to be born in the first half of the year.

Read more about all this in the news article entitled " Written in the Stars. In , Berkeley health feminist Louise Lacey published a study in her book Lunaception: A Feminine Odyssey into Fertility and Contraception which suggests that women can use the lunar cycle for purposes of contraception which she claimed was influenced by exposure to light. Geomagnetic disturbances are particularly correlated with solar storms discharging large clouds of ionic plasma.

These solar eddies generally impinge upon the Earth's magnetosphere about two days after the solar flare causing polar lights, radio interference, and compression of the Earth's magnetic lines of flux. Fluctuations in solar storm activity follow a cycle averaging Scientists have correlated solar storm activity to rates of heart attacks, lung disease, eclampsias, and the activity of microbes.


Epidemics of diphtheria, typhus, cholera, and smallpox have also been correlated with solar activity. Much of this work was done between the two world wars by the Russian Scientist A. In a huge study he drew up lists of wars, epidemics, revolutions, and population movements from BC to and plotted them against curves of solar activity. He found that 78 percent of these outbreaks correlated with peaks of solar activity. He also found an amazing assortment of correlating phenomena ranging from locust hordes in Russia to succession of liberal and conservative governments in England from to Sturgeon in the Caspian Sea reproduce and then die in masses following cycles of 11 and 33 years which occur during periods of many sunspots solar storms.

The great financial crisis of coincided with a peak in solar activity. Other research has shown correlations between solar activity and the number of road accidents and mining disasters reported. This may be due to delayed or inaccurate human reactions in conjunction with very violent solar activity. An Italian chemist, Giorgio Piccardi , was asked to figure out why "activated" water dissolves the calcium deposits from a water boiler at certain times and not at others. Activated water is a vestige of alchemy. A sealed phial containing neon and mercury is moved around in the water until the neon lights up; there is no chemical change in the water; however the structure of the molecular bonds are altered somewhat.

After years of patient research measuring the rate at which bismuth sulfide becomes a colloid in activated and normal water, Piccardi showed that this colloid-forming rate varies with sunspot activity. A colloid solution is one in which the dissolved particles have large enough molecular weight so that the surface tension of each molecule is of importance in determining the behavior of the solution.

Common colloids are glue, gelatin, milk, egg white and blood. The word colloid is derived from the Greek word kolla, meaning glue. In general colloidal particles are too big to pass through membranes which will pass smaller dissolved molecules.

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The influence solar activity exerts upon the molecular structure of water is likely to be even more acute in human organisms as the human body temperature is fixed near the limit where changes in the structure of water normally occur.